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Kevin Main, JD, SPHR

CEO / Principal Consultant



Kevin Main is a versatile executive specializing in administration, operations, and management of small businesses and nonprofits. With a background in law, quality assurance, and human resources, he is experienced in corporate policy and procedure development to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and mitigate against liability. As a former prosecutor and litigator, Kevin also has expertise in investigation, research, critical analysis, counseling, negotiation, team management, and effective presentations.

After practicing law for over 20 years and, most recently, holding a corporate position with an emphasis in regulatory compliance, Kevin started Dara Consulting in 2014 and re-branded the firm as NavigationHR in 2016. During his legal career, he worked primarily in small firms and as a solo practitioner, gaining a deep understanding of the needs of a small business. He has obtained his SPHR certification, indicating his expertise in, and commitment to, human resources leadership.


Kevin recognized the HR dilemma facing many smaller companies — large enough to need a human resources department, but not yet big enough to justify the expense — and wanted to fix it. 

As the founder of a startup or growing company, one of the toughest realizations you will face is that you are no longer able to do it all on your own. The longer you try to do this, the longer you will be hurting your company's growth rate. Kevin started NavigationHR to allow smaller companies to develop more quickly by safely hiring the right employees, allowing you to concentrate on the big picture. Many business owners do not realize the myriad laws and regulations — and the risk stemming from them — that apply once you become an employer.


NavigationHR's mission is to guide your company through the human resources process with personalized attention focused on your business' specific needs.

Click here to see Kevin Main's complete curriculum vitae.

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