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What we do:


In a sentence, we resolve your human resources issues before they become problems.


Every day, you are faced with employee-related issues that could put your organization at risk. We help you identify and mitigate those risks, providing practical, cost-effective solutions before mere risks become expensive problems. We not only provide advice and strategy — we help you effectively implement them. We navigate you through the treacherous waters of HR, helping protect your business and allowing you to concentrate on growing it. As every organization's needs differ, we do not believe that a one-size-fits-all approach effectively protects your business, so we customize our product to fit your individual needs. We'll give you as much — or as little — support as you want with our a-la-carte menu of services.

How we do it:


See our "Services" section for a more detailed explanation.


Our name speaks volumes about our philosophy. You are the captain of your business and know where you want to go. We help you get there. 


We firmly believe that it all starts with asking questions, and we take great pride in our ability to ask the right questions to help you grow to your full potential. But it is more than just asking questions, it's listening to your answers. By following this simple, yet seldom-practiced, philosophy we are able to build meaningful relationships with our clients. We want to understand your business, and its mission, so we can help you transform your vision into reality.  By listening to -- not just hearing -- your answers, we know what to ask next, giving us the opportunity to learn even more. By abiding to this basic philosophy, we are able to anticipate issues and proactively address them, effectively removing obstacles before you even see them safely navigating you along the path to your success.

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