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Risk Management

Every day, you face employee-related concerns that could put your organization at risk. We help you identify and mitigate those potential hazards by providing practical, cost-effective solutions before mere risks become expensive problems. We not only provide advice and strategies — we help you effectively implement them.

What Is the Risk?


  • Legal actions against your company for unlawful practices


  • Hiring the wrong employees and loss of quality staff


  • Loss of employee productivity due to poor performance or absences

Where Is the Risk?


  • Liability to employees and government for non-compliance with regulations


  • Liability for unlawful actions of employees


  • Employee performance issues


  • Excessive employee turnover

 How NavigationHR Helps Your Organization Manage Risk:


We start by doing a compliance audit of your existing personnel files as well as your policies, procedures and practices to identify any potential risks. If any problems do exist, we work with you to promptly resolve them. This audit process is not only ensure compliance with governmental regulations, but to make a genuine contribution to helping your business move forward. 


We create effective policies, procedures and practices for your business and make suggestions to improve your existing ones. We also assist in effective and seamless implementation. A clearly articulated process is the foundation for avoiding organizational liability in the area of human capital.


We create an action plan with you to eliminate existing risks and mitigate against future liability. When appropriate we will assist you in finding and selecting insurance options to effectively transfer any identified risks.

How Can the Risk Be Managed?


  • Assure compliance with legal requirements


  • Have up-to-date policies and procedures


  • Educate managers and supervisors


  • Collect and analyze performance data


  • Transfer risk when appropriate

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