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You are well-equipped to teach your employees the ins and outs of your business, but are you able to provide them training that will keep your organization safe for you and your valued employees?


According to an article published in the National Law Journal:


" is more important than ever for employers to implement

quality training programs. Structured properly, employee training

not only mitigates potential liability and eliminates punitive damage

awards but also adds value to an organization and can eliminate

problems of harassment and discrimination before they become

litigation issues."


In addition to introducing your employees to your organization's policies and procedures, as part of our prevention plan, we provide training in the areas that may leave you most vulnerable: 


  • Discrimination or harassment based on race, color, gender (whether or not sexual in nature), religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability

  • Hostile work environment

  • Specialized training to managers and supervisors regarding their heightened responsibilities

How we train:

At Navigation HR, we know that training must be handled properly in order to make it worthwhile. We make our training understandable and memorable, emphasizing that the true goal of training is to help create a productive workplace where all employees can function in a safe environment and are valued and respected.


With our litigation experience, we have the ability to create training sessions and materials that are "jury worthy" in tone and language. If you wish, we will review our training materials with your attorney and make any recommended adjustments. As with our policy development, we customize our training specifically for your needs.

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