How NavigationHR
Will Help Your Business

Lawsuits filed by disgruntled employees or independent contractors against small businesses are one of the most vexing problems that business owners face. Many are constantly on edge, fearing frivolous legal actions that can ruin the business even if the complaint has no merit. Other small businesses — and especially those new to the employment game — may unintentionally violate employment rules simply by trying to help employees by providing flexibility or to save money for the business.  Either way, it’s a serious and longstanding problem for almost any type of small employer. Discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace injury, and wrongful termination claims are the most common lawsuits filed against U.S. companies. Employment-related lawsuits are complicated and represent a significant risk for U.S. businesses with potentially devastating consequences. According to statistics cited by CNA Insurance Company, almost 75% of all litigation against corporations involve employment disputes. Over 40% of these lawsuits are filed against smaller employers (15 to 100 employees).


Here's a sample of what NavigationHR can do to help you avoid liability:


  • Handle all your state and federal human resources compliance issues as well as provide training in this area.

  • Provide personnel manuals for your employees, the policies and procedures within being constantly maintained to comply with ever-changing state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Help with employment-related federal, state and local regulatory compliance (FLSA, ADA, FMLA, payroll, OSHA, EEOC, etc.), a huge advantage that can be worth more to your business than the just the money saved on potential fines and costs.

  • Provide effective management and access to payroll records, benefits, personnel data, vacation and sick-time accruals, and specialized reports.

  • If you have a human resources related claim, such as a discrimination allegation, we know what to do and will take the lead on managing the claim process.


Although you might not yet be able to justify staffing a full-time human resources department, you should not have to go without one. Let NavigationHR solve all your HR issues. While there is a cost for contracting out your human resources functions, offloading the work to someone who knows what they're doing will help you avoid  potential problems and allow you to get back to doing what you do best --- running your business.