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Talassure Assessments

TalassureMX - Upper Level Professionals 

Make decisions about top-tier positions based on job fit.

Right person – Right position – Right Now


Job fit is crucial to the success of your organization, and making decisions about top-tier positions is even more critical. How can you know whether someone will excel in a given position? Promoting a mid-level manager to upper management doesn’t always work out for the best.


TalassureMX is a reliable, comprehensive assessment used throughout the entire employee lifecycle. TalassureMX provides objective insights into the core behavioral traits, occupational interests, and reasoning ability of upper-level professionals. This critical information is used to match specific people to specific jobs within your organization.


When you use TalassureMX for hiring, onboarding, management development, and succession planning, you learn:

  • Which job candidates will be the most effective hires for upper-level positions

  • Whether an individual will be happy in an elevated role

  • What you should do to keep an employee engaged


Success Patterns ensure better selection.

TalassureMX utilizes unique Success Patterns allowing HR professionals to identify the characteristics required to successfully perform in a position. These Success Patterns are incorporated into a customized, comprehensive report that enables Hiring Managers to interview and select candidates who have the highest probability of success.

With insights from TalassureMX, you can look beyond an impressive resume or interview to gain a complete picture of the whole candidate.  Success Patterns provide a job match percentage which indicates how well a candidate is aligned with the top performers in a position.

You’ll make smarter, more informed hiring decisions.

Maximize potential for every employee.

TalassureMX delivers actionable data that reveals how to empower and motivate your workforce. As a result, you can refine your employee coaching methods and bring out the potential of every team member, leading you to make better decisions when it comes to filling upper management roles.

With insights that help you match current employees with the most appropriate future roles, TalassureMX makes succession planning scientific. You’ll be able to place people in positions where they’re happier, more productive, and successful.

Get customized, comprehensive data.

TalassureMX can be tailored to suit your requirements for qualification criteria, geographic location, core behaviors, and virtually any other hiring priorities.

From cognitive evaluation to understanding a person’s behavior, TalassureMX can help you identify qualified candidates who fit your organizational culture and mission. It’s a comprehensive solution for upper-level professionals, and it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of any industry.

TalassureMX Advantage

Here’s how TalassureMX helps your organization:

  • Empower talented employees: Make smarter investments in professional talent. When a candidate’s job matches their abilities, behavioral traits, and core personality type, engagement and motivation are likely to follow.

  • Increased retention: Start matching candidates with roles where they will thrive. Better hiring decisions help you and the people you hire for upper-level positions.

  • Smarter onboarding: Discover ways to reduce time-to-performance among new hires. Onboarding improvements help you build productive teams faster.

  • Fewer hiring mistakes: There are many factual studies proving the high cost of a bad hiring decision. Hiring the wrong person also places unnecessary strain on your resources and can prevent your organization from meeting goals.

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Job matching for your mid-level workforce

Select the best candidates using objective insights

TalassureM is the only assessment in the marketplace that was designed to help you identify, select, onboard, and manage your mid-level workforce. This cost-effective assessment can be administered in a short amount of time while still providing a wealth of in-depth information. Adding TalassureM to your existing process also helps you retain more talent and deliver on your organizational mission.


  • Shows you which candidates are best suited for particular jobs

  • Reveals each candidate’s behavioral traits and reasoning skills

  • Builds upon insights gained during the pre-employment process and enhances employee development activities

TalassureM can be used throughout the entire employee lifecycle, providing reliable, comprehensive, and objective insights into an individual employee’s core behavior and reasoning ability. This critical information can be used to match individuals to specific jobs within your organization.

Your guide for mid-level workforce decisions

TalassureM uses standardized job profiles that simplify the job matching process and serve as your guide for hiring, job placement, and promotion decisions for mid-level employees.

By comparing candidates to a job profile with TalassureM, you can connect the best people with the most appropriate open positions at your organization. Instead of a risky “hire and hope” approach, you can transform hiring and onboarding into a smart, data-based process.

It’s a flexible, comprehensive solution that meets the mid-level employee screening and job matching needs of virtually any industry.


TalassureM Advantage

TalassureM helps you and your organization:

  • Advance your workforce: Employees whose abilities and motivations fit their positions are more likely to achieve peak performance. More productive employees make your organization more successful.

  • Reduce turnover: “Best-fit” employees are less likely to leave. Smart job matching retains great talent.

  • Build effective teams: Comprehensive assessments help you assemble teams with the best likelihood of winning.

  • Increase revenue: Better job matching leads to higher productivity, revenue generation, and profitability.

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Pre-employment assessment for entry-level candidates

Measure “Can Do,” “Will Do,” and Honesty.

The entry-level candidates you hire today could become your organization’s future. That’s why it’s important to identify the best talent right from the start – high achieving employees who perform their duties with integrity. Integrate our entry-level assessment into your existing hiring process, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you understand your candidates. Now you can base hiring decisions on data, not just assumptions.


TalassureQ is an entry-level employee assessment that:

  • Shows whether a candidate’s core personality indicates a “will do” attitude toward the job

  • Reveals if candidates “can do” the job by measuring whether their cognitive ability will be sufficient enough to handle job complexities

  • Indicates the level of conscientiousness a candidate brings to the job

  • Uncovers important information about a candidate’s employment history

Get definitive answers quickly.

TalassureQ offers 3 assessments in 1, and it’s quick to administer.

Using criteria determined by you, TalassureQ tells you whether a candidate can or cannot do a particular job immediately upon completion of the assessment. As a result, you can make quick, accurate hiring decisions. TalassureQ also provides interview questions that can help you further vet a particular candidate, as needed.

TalassureQ Advantage

With TalassureQ, you can easily identify entry-level hires who:

  • Are engaged: By measuring a candidate’s ability to do the job and their willingness to perform, you’ll not only have great talent in your organization but you’ll also reduce turnover.

  • Are motivated to perform: By screening out disengaged, unprepared candidates, you can start identifying and hiring the ones who will reach higher levels of performance.

  • Embody your organizational mission: Do your entry-level employees take your values and mission statement seriously? By assessing new hires for specific traits, you can start hiring the ones who do.

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Talassure Development Tools


Developing Leadership Excellence

There is no truer barometer as to the effectiveness of a leader than the perceptions of his or her coworkers. Whether direct reports, peers, or bosses, the people with whom a leader interacts most often will have the clearest picture of the effects of that leader’s behavior on the team.

Perception is reality.

The Talassure360 is a comprehensive, effective means of leadership development, providing unsurpassed insight into the behavioral traits of your leaders, and the effects of those qualities on the surrounding workforce. Talassure360 utilizes an anonymous platform to accumulate candid responses from coworkers, and then compiles that data to assist in creating developmental plans for leadership going forward.


Utilizing the Talassure360 feedback-based development system, you can ensure that your leadership development process goes beyond writing performance reviews. Talassure360 helps you:

  • Determine where your developmental efforts should lie on an individual basis

  • Understand where current developmental processes fall short

  • Create actionable plans for improvement

Talassure360 Benefits:

The Talassure360 leadership development system goes beyond simple performance evaluation to provide effective leadership development. Talassure360 offers your organization:

  • Improved Leadership Team

  • More Engagement

  • Higher Productivity

  • Boosted Morale

  • Stronger Teamwork

  • Better Communication

  • Increased Accountability

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Improving Sales Performance

Evaluation Made Easy.

Self-evaluation isn’t always as straightforward as we’d like it to be. Being self-critical is difficult and, not to mention, sometimes inaccurate. To get feedback on your sales performance that is truly useful towards improvement and development, you need more than a little self-reflection.

The TalassureESA is an effective means of sales development, providing insight into your sales team and the qualities presented by each salesperson. TalassureESA accumulates responses from both the salesperson and their sales manager that measure the salesperson’s ability in each sales-related task listed. This comparison of evaluations helps the salesperson better understand their performance strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them.


Utilizing the TalassureESA survey system, you can ensure your development process will successfully drive sales. TalassureESA helps you:

  • Determine where your sales efforts should lie on an individual basis

  • Understand where current improvement efforts fall short

  • Create actionable plans for improvement

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